Having had always strong opinions about the world that surrounds me, I’ve though many times about starting a blog as a method to record my thoughts, capture ideas and lead myself to elaborate on them. That’s the primary goal of this blog but getting your feedback comes close to it: please feel free to question all ideas, criticize any views and raise new topics for discussion.

You can expect reading on a wide range of topics covering technology, telecommunications, business development and management. The only rule is: there are no rules. I intend to share my own experience and write about topics I consider particularly interesting such as forecasting how people will communicate in the future, beyond technologies and devices. Notice that, although being a tech focused blog trying to take an objective look to all topics and themes, all contents reflect my own personal opinions and views. Moreover, I expect that to be the added value on read it.

I like to keep my promises therefore I won’t make any: writing frequency will depend on my own availability, opportunity and drive.

Enjoy and have fun!

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